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Great website Designs give a great First impression


Your website is the most important part of your online presence and it takes visitors 0.05 seconds to decide whether it's worth giving their attention to a site.

That's a quick first impression!

Your website is your best opportunity to build trust and value in your brand and most importantly, convert people into sales!

15 years ago your business needed to be in a great location with lots of people passing, have a great looking shopfront that enticed people to come into your business and great layouts & staff that could convince people to buy.

Things have changed. The internet is the new high street, search engine results are the new shopfronts, websites are the new layouts and content and calls to action are the new customer service staff.

Your website needs to be the cornerstone of your online strategy and we're here to build you a site that works!


The Science behind great web design

Everyone has habits, routines & systems. These save the mind having to use precious energy everyday by doing things automatically.

These ‘heuristics’ are what inform most of our thoughts and actions everyday. These happen subconsciously and with the amount of time people now spend on the internet, our brains have developed these for browsing websites.

We use science from the latest research to make our websites as engaging as possible.



Your writing has to be as easy to read as possible. This isn’t about dumbing down your writing for your audience, but because reading long sentences with big words uses more brainpower. The perfect level to write at is for a 14 year old (before GCSE)

This has a large enough vocabulary to get your point across, while also making it as easy as possible to read. Even PhDs prefer reading at this level as it’s easiest for the brain to get through.

Using big words makes you sound smart, but risks making your reader feel dumb. Big mistake! This is something companies like ours always have to spend time on. Some services are very technical and complex and explaining this without making the reader feel dumb is very important. If someone feels spoken down to or forced to doubt themselves, they won’t take action or they’ll simply leave the site. The opposite of what you want!


When it comes to content on a website, portrayed emotions are important. 

Headlines on sites are the first things people see and they’re  what are analysed at the most. Visitors seek them out. These headlines produce emotions in visitors and they want those emotions played with. The emotions that are most shared on social media are Anger, Inspiration and Anxiety in that order. That’s because those emotions trigger the strongest response in us.

So, when it comes to writing headlines on your website, you either want to play on people’s Inspiration at how well your services can solve their problems, or their anxiety about what will happen if they don’t contact you RIGHT NOW.

Of course each brand is different and the content we create always takes into account your target audience and what they expect from your service!

Loss Aversion

The human mind is terrible at figuring out probabilities and cost vs. benefit. We focus much more time and energy on losses as opposed to gains and that makes the negatives much more painful than the positives are joyful.

When you write content for your readers you want to make sure you: 

Spend more time writing on what the reader will lose out on if they don’t use your service/buy from you. You want your visitors to focus on immediate gains they’ll have. You want to list benefits of your service separately and group costs together to equalise the differences between them in the readers head. Finally you want to create scarcity and urgency – “Offer only available for a short time!”.

If people don’t buy from you now, their flooding will get worse, the costs of your service will go up and the world will end!


Colours are incredibly important in design. Not only do certain colours stand out to us by default – complimenting colours on a website forces someone to move their gaze.

If you have a certain colour scheme on your website, having a colour that is used only for calls-to-action and stands out, forces through 60% more clicks!

Some recent research has found that while green is the easiest colour for us to see, red stands out better for actions. This green to red change for calls-to-action has been tested to have a 34% increase in sign-ups. This could have something to do with red contrasting better than green, but not enough research has been done into this yet

What this means for you is that choosing the right colours creates a massive change to the amount of people contacting you.

Viewing Habits

With the way that websites have been designed traditionally, people are now used to looking at websites in a certain way depending on their device. The top-left corner is usually looked at first, followed by the top of the site, then read down the left.

This pattern can be used in two different ways. You can follow the grain and use the normal layout of company name in top left, navigation on the top and writing on the left. This will achieve a familiar, comfortable feeling with the visitor and enable them to easily read your content and decide from there what to do.

The other way is to disrupt this pattern. Do this and you force you visitor to look at your business in a different way. This makes your company unique, stand out and be seen as more “young”. Doing this will also cause your visitor to pay closer attention to your content, but do less reading. So if your business gains more from showing images and video, this is the best design decision for your layout!

List order

When it comes to your navigation or lists in your content there are a few things to bear in mind.

A reader or viewers attention is always strongest at the beginning and end. Attention always wavers in the middle. What this means is your most important links or items should be at the beginning and end.

Normally this would be Home and Contact Us, but could also apply to times when you want to give them information on your services. Perhaps your most expensive service should be at the end of your list?

When it comes to lists, short term memory is limited. It can only hold 7 items at a time, so anymore than this should be split into groups, otherwise you’ll tire out or confuse your reader. Having 5 items on your navigation is normally the best compromise between what your viewer can handle and what you want to get across.


Social Signalling

Social Proof

People are naturally social animals. We do what others do in order to fit in. This is extremely powerful when it comes to business and services. There are a few guideline that should be followed for this:

Put testimonials, reviews and endorsements from customers and influencers on your site. This is one of the most powerful things you can do as a business. It shows visitors that others have loved using your service and that helps build trust.

Make using your service sound like the norm. If someone chooses not to use your service then they are doing something few others do. This will deter them from not using your service as they’ll feel like an outsider if they take this route.

Display social media widgets loud and proud. Even if you haven’t got many followers yet, just having these viewable has been proven to increase engagement. It shows that you’re confident enough that people enjoy spending time with your service and want to tell others about it.

Awards, “as seen on”, association memberships etc. are great. These display that others are also talking about how great your company is, and they can go to those references to get a second opinion on your business.

Photos of people are better than photos of things. In studies, it’s been shown that exchanging photos of a product for photos of people has increased engagement by more than 50%. One theory is that people engage emotionally when they see another human being and the brain can’t tell the difference between in-person and an image.

Effort Heuristic

People will place more value on something that appears to have a great deal of effort placed into it. Some recent done recently at the University of Illinois asked 2 groups to value the same poem. The first group was told the poem took 4 hours to complete, the other group that it took 18 hours.

The 18 hour group believed the poem was of a higher quality and liked it better than the 4 hour group. More importantly, they priced it at almost twice the value of the 4 hour group. The same product, but the perception of higher effort increased the value in their eyes. Therefore, they’d spend more money!

World-class website design

Your website needs to look fantastic and be customer focused!

So, they can read it and look at all your great images and videos to advertise your services. This will encourage them to spend longer on it, talk about it to their friends and explore what your business has to offer.

A great looking website means you’ve put effort into your appearance and your brand. That first impression is key and a business that puts effort into their appearance will treat its customers as well as it treats itself.

They need a clear way to connect with you in 1-click.

Great writing and content on your website are the foundation of building trust and interest in your possible customer and convincing them you’re the right business for them! They want to see you’re conscientious, great value for money, friendly, efficient, professional and all the other good stuff!

Now that content takes over that role from customer service employees, it needs to say the important things, including what you offer and what makes you special.

However, prominent calls to action are what separates the businesses that get window shopped and those that get customers. Have you ever hired employees that made a great impression but couldn’t make sales? Then you’d know how important these calls to action are!

Our website design converts people into contacting us by making it easy, clear and providing tons of value. That’s what yours needs to do in order to get you more customers!

Let's get started!