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We believe the best long-term digital marketing investment is SEO.

Not only does it set you up for passive inbound leads for life, it secures your brand online & builds trust with your audience!

Rank #1 gains 31% of all clicks - Lets get you there

Once you've reached the #1 spot you'll have in-bound leads coming in on auto-pilot. SEO is the gift that keeps on giving.

But if you're on this page, you already know that. You're here because either:

1 - You've got a website that isn't getting any visitors or sales

2 - You're building a new website and want it to hit the ground running

3 - You want to dominate your market with more online properties

4 - Your website's traffic or leads have decreased and you're not sure why

5 - You have a competitor who's stealing all your sales and you want to overtake them

We can help with all of these and more. We have proven results of raising the profile of websites - along with their sales, using tried and true SEO fundamentals, as well as more cutting edge techniques.

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How does SEO work?

We realise SEO is the most misunderstood and opaque of all online marketing techniques. Part of this is to do with some aspects being very technical, another is most SEO companies don’t want to educate their clients about it for reasons only clear to them.

We believe the only way we can be transparent about our methods is by educating our clients on the SEO techniques we use as we carry them out. This way our clients can trust that we’re doing our job correctly and to a high standard.

SEO is a complex topic when you go in depth, but we think anyone can understand the basics so we’re going to outline them for you!

There are 5 main requirements for a high ranking website for search engines:





Search Engine Crawlability


Search engines want to make sure that whenever someone searches for a subject, they put the most relevant results in front of the searcher. It’s what keeps people coming back to Google, Bing or Yahoo every time. There’s a few ways they figure this out, but the biggest factor is normally content.

If someone is searching for Asbestos Roof Repair, you want to make sure that your website mentions Asbestos Roof Repair in the first few words on the page, in a few headings and generally talks about the subject and specific subjects within it. This way, search engines know that’s what your site is about, the site is knowledgeable on the subject as it has lots of information on it & can give people some great tips.

Another way that search engines can tell if a site is relevant is how long visitors stay on it for. They know that if a visitor goes onto your site and moves to another within a few seconds, something on the site isn’t relevant to their search. However, if they spend 20 minutes reading through it, clicking through to other pages etc. search engines know it’s a useful site for their specific search!

While a site might have lots of relevant content, it doesn’t necessarily mean the product or service the site is selling is good. That’s why search engines place lots of emphasis on reviews across the web, such as Facebook, Google Plus, business directories etc. The higher and more reviews a product has, the more likely it is to please other people buying it!

A similar process happens with social media shares, likes and follows. These show that customers like engaging with your company and customers that do that are life-long fans. The more fans you have, the more search engines can see your product is good quality.

Another thing that helps with trust is having your Name, Address and Phone number (Citation), in many different places across the web. The more places this NAP appears in, the higher profile your company and the more it’s trusted as a good company that people use frequently.



When it comes to a site on the internet, you may have lots of great content, have lots of people engaged and be listed everywhere. However, authority is what makes the difference between a site like wikipedia and encyclopedia.com.

The best way to gain authority is the same as it always has been: have other websites link back to yours in a way that shows you are the authority on a subject. An example would be if you run a food blog, see a great recipe on the BBC Good Food website and link to it. This tells search engines you believe BBC Good Food is an authority on that recipe and more generally, food & recipes.

Strong backlinks from high quality sites with high-traffic, that have been running for a long time and links to them from other sites is probably the most efficient way to climb up search rankings. It makes sense that this is normally the most difficult step!

​Your site must be easy to use and read for visitors, whether they are colour blind, viewing on a desktop, tablet or mobile or at a 7th grade reading level. Search engines take this into account, so it’s very important your website caters for any kind of visitor to it.

Sites must be responsive to the resolution your visitor is viewing it at. They must have content that can be read by the majority of the population. It must load quickly and be of a small size for those with a slow connection. It mustn’t hide certain content behind other elements. There are many steps to take into account with this one and it’s important you follow them.



Finally, search engine bots are just lines of computer code. This means they only understand code. This limits what they can actually understand so websites, content and links must be built in a way that aids them in their process.

They can’t view images or watch videos, so these must have alt text attached, which tells the bots what the image/video is about. They can’t read creatively as a human can, so you have to focus certain content on specific keywords that you want to rank for. The code on your website must be built in a way that follows good standards and doesn’t cause unneeded bloat.

When we take care of your SEO, we maximise the power of all the factors and make sure that your site beats your competitors out. We want you to dominate your market to get more visitors from search engines and ultimately more customers!

What we do

Personalise to your needs

We report to your style. If you want us to send you a keyword and visitor update every week, we can do. If you prefer to be more hands off and just have a monthly online sales report, we can do that too! Our service is completely personalised to your requirements and is something we set out from the beginning of our relationship!

Keyword Analysis

We will utilise deep keyword research into your market so we can find optimal keywords to achieve a high ROI and traffic results.

On-site technical optimisation

On-site technical optimisation includes optimising the code of your website, speed tweaks, caching and more. It's the key to ensuring our campaign will overtake your competition.

Internal Linking Strategies

With the use of both blogs that we create and service pages we optimise, we will create an internal linking web.

Local SEO

Local searches are now the biggest source of customers - 64% of people look for local companies online! We optimise your local listings and target high-intent buyers.

Keyword Assignment

A consultant at our SEO company will assign keywords to the pages on your website. This will be the road map for the entire campaign.

On-Site Content Optimisation

We will optimise your content site-wide to increase the readability, keyword targeting and conversion for your website. This will increase both rankings and actual client interactions.

Link-Building Campaigns

Both for the improvement of your local listings and your overall rankings, we will gain backlinks from popular publications.

On Page SEO

We optimize all your sites' headers, HTML tags, images & more to not only target search engines' keywords, but also keep visitors engaged and interested.

The Stats - Rank #1 gets 31% of all clicks

Working on your site’s SEO is incredibly important if your website is not on page 1. You can double your customer leads and sales by simply jumping from page 2 to page 1!

Get that to the number 1 spot and you’ve got 20X as many people! Have 10 visitors a day right now? Let’s make that 200!

If you are on page 3 and move to the top of Google on average, you will increase your clicks 195 times!

For example, if you are getting 10 clicks per month, you could increase that to 2000 clicks! Investing in SEO will get your website noticed and has the highest ROI for online marketing methods. If you think of SEO as a sport, imagine your competitors are constantly finding ways of staying competitive by improving their techniques, by writing more content, building more links etc. To stay competitive, you must work your site harder, faster, and smarter to win.

If you position yourself at the top of Google, a search will net you over 30% of the clicks without having to pay extra, while your competitors can pay between £3-£30 per click for Google’s AdWords (who will share 15% of clicks between them!)

Simply put, if 1000 people per month search for your service: If you are number 1, on average you will get 312 people click on the first result, 140 on the second and 50 people will click on an advert costing at least £150 to every company paying with the rest clicking on the other results.

Ready to expand your business? Want to dominate your market?

Then you need:

Your homepage rank 1

One of your inner pages rank 2

Your Facebook page rank 3

Do this and you will get over 50% of customers searching for your service for those all important sales conversions!

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