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Why an audit can help you

If your business isn’t getting enough visitors, leads, opt-ins or sales, then an SEO audit can help you figure out exactly what to target and how!

SEO helps you to build a long-term strategy that gets you traffic on auto-pilot that you can then convert into anything your business needs to improve its bottom line. We believe it’s the best investment you can put into your business!

Our audit will go through all the main issues and areas of concern your site and online properties have, with action points. That way you can take what you’ve learned from the audit, compare what you’re capable of with where you are right now and make changes to your site to reach your potential!

What you get with your audit

We’ll personally review your current website and online presence and provide you with the following:

  • A full overview of your site’s current SEO factors, including the back end, front end, coding issues and useability issues. We’ll also highlight areas of concern.

  • An overview of your backlinking profile, showing all the sites that currently link to yours.

  • A list of top target keywords for your site, balancing low competition with high conversion rates and high search volume.

  • A market analysis to show you exactly what potential traffic is to your site.

  • A full analysis of your site’s visitor experience. Including content compared to your main profitable keywords, meta titles, descriptions and more. We’ll also provide our feedback on your site’s design and possible improvements for conversion rates.

  • An analysis of your competition and your ability to compete.

  • A personalised service list to help you build your business online, focusing on the key areas of concern we find in your site.

As well as all this, we’ll also throw in a personalised video with the 3 biggest key areas to tackle first.

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