Post Brexit Marketing

June 2016 was the month and year that democracy provided the British people with a long-awaited choice on whether to leave the European Union in the form of a referendum.

It has been nearly three years since the British people made their decision. Politicians and businesses who believe in the importance of democracy, have been working tirelessly to balance the need for people’s freedoms and the need to keep businesses between the two sides running smoothly after the transition period has ended.

Although some “experts” in the marketing world and beyond, believe that Britain’s exit from the EU has turned out to be a shamble in British history, do not let them put you off. In fact, they will complain about the chaos and confusion and liken it to doomsday, and thus proving their limited understanding of what and why we use marketing to sell stuff to people. Of course, there is no denying that Brexit will of course have varying degrees of disadvantages, but they also provide British, European, and Global businesses with advantages that have not yet been given the opportunity to yield.

Do not listen the negative views of people who do not see the bigger picture and the opportunities that Post-Brexit marketing can do for your product or service. With a healthy, positive mindset and a targeted Post-Brexit marketing plan, your business can really shine and hit the ground running. In the marketing world, there are always opportunities to be found, whether that is local or through the global economy and trade – each of which will have varying short- and long-term impacts. It is for you to decide what is better for your individual strategy.

This is not the time for marketers to tighten their purse strings. Listening to the negativity by some marketers, will only hold you and your business back from growth. The impact on imports and exports should not deter you from doing business with confidence, a little adjustment can go a long way.

Naturally, there are questions around how brands will tackle their Post-Brexit marketing in a new world, but there is nothing new in this, history is full of success stories where in exceptional times, marketers have taken businesses from strength to strength using creativity and of course gumption. ‘Brand Britain’ has an opportunity to thrive and grow, both locally and globally should they wish to do so.

Most small businesses that export to the European Union have naturally in the past three years, been worried about the impact that Brexit will have on their businesses and are waiting on certainty to manage their Post-Brexit marketing and business strategies.

Most brands are in a better position to whether the storm and are already planning their Post-Brexit marketing to take advantage.

If you are a small or medium company, here a few tips to follow, if you are on a budget to help you in your Post-Brexit marketing plan.

  1. Of course, humanity has been given one of the greatest marketing tools the world has ever seen, the internet, use it, this approach should not change because of Brexit 
  2. Local Businesses can still use Google local map listings, social media, and local online groups to get their product or service “out there”
  3. Use Zoom and other webinar tools to sell your products and services, or to educate your target audience
  4. Put up adverts in local shops, community centres, and other local boards
  5.  Offer referrals, promotions, or free trials where possible.