Google AdWords 2021

Google AdWords is a low-cost, effective way to get immediate traffic to your business. It is easy to set up, all you do is enter the keywords so can attract your target audience, then enter a maximum bid (how much you want to spend), and you are good to go. Then you just wait and watch the traffic flow to your website. Ideally this means that people will see you in minutes and you can start getting sales on the same day.

A good approach is to start using Google AdWords while waiting for the SEO to kick in. Once the SEO is good to go you can still run Ads, as this show you are a serious player and not a fly by night company. First, traffic will see your Ad at the top of the page, great if they buy at that stage, but if they start to scroll down the SERPs, you will have doubled your impression, and this makes you appear more authoritative and therefore trustworthy.

You can increase or decrease your campaigns daily spend to generate more clicks. However, you need to understand that some markets are incredibly competitive and since keywords are ranked on a bidding system, you can easily go above your budget, as you need to spend more per click to increase your position on the rankings. For instance, if in position 6 and significantly increase your average spend, then you could jump up to position 2.

If you are on a budget you can also opt to use Google Ads to run PPC campaigns or promotion, when you know your audiences spending habits are hot, particularly if you are a seasonal business.