We’re a proudly family-run agency

Established in 2019, we work hard for our clients because we know their business is their livelihood.

Based in London, U.K., we have worked with clients here at home, the US, New Zealand & more!

We believe the foundation of a great company is the way it treats its clients

We are a family-run business, so we know how important values and good communication are!

LeadFocus is a family run digital marketing agency working closely with tradesmen from builders to landscapers. We believe everyone deserves a chance for success. It is important for us that our clients not only succeed in dominating their market, but also become as financially successful and sustainable as possible for their own families. Being able to provide for your parents, partner, children and others is so important to us. That is why we set up this company.

With our combined 30 years of experience, we originally built and ranked websites for underfunded local councils and small businesses. From there, we began to work with clients from all sectors and locations. It wasn’t until we began working with low-budget local businesses in areas from London and Manchester for us to realise how many smaller, family run companies could use our help. Originally, we used our own income and resources to fund these companies until we could fund ourselves, while building the perfect process for any local company to thrive within a year.

Provide Value

The most important aspect of the agency for us and you as a client would be to provide value. You are paying us to increase the value of the customers coming into your company week after week, and we want to improve the overall value of your company. Any great business relationship is founded on the ability for both companies to make as large a profit as possible. The larger and faster we help you grow, the larger and faster we grow.

We also value our clients. The most important thing for us is to make sure that you know we are providing value month after month. We don’t just make more money for you, but we also build a long-lasting legacy for both you and us.

Inform and Educate

If SEO and digital marketing are unknown to you, then we understand that you may not realise the work we are completing for you, or how it may help you in the short and long term. That is why when we send in our scheduled reports to you, we will put an explanation as to the work details completed, and the estimated impact of said task. For example, if we market content for you, we will explain the content marketed, the number of backlinks we hope to gain from said content, and the rise in ranks and keywords that we estimate to gain from it.

Whatever we do, we want to make sure you know it has value and it will help you achieve your goals. If we can educate you as to what we do, we can build trust.

Beat the competition

This is the main pillar we are set upon as a digital marketing agency. From day one we will know the keywords you need to be found for, the number of customers you could achieve per month and – most importantly – exactly who your competition is to beat. No matter what the company, they are beatable. The only thing that may vary is how long it will take to beat them. In the end, digital marketing and SEO is simply a science and process. As long as we follow the same process we have done hundreds of times now, it will happen.

Let's get started!